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Launch Apology

Firstly, sorry for the bugs you have experienced since launch. We are deeply upset that launch did not go as smoothly as the 3 of us anticipated, especially after doing in house testing!

We are working fast to fix the issues you are all seeing and to iterate on a post I mentioned earlier, this is our first game and we wish to carry on making games so it is in nobody best interest to leave the game in this state or mislead you.

As always we appreciate the support and comments. This is the first bug patch of the week. Another one will be rolling out soon to address a few more issues and keybindings, but while these ones were fixed we thought it best to roll out instead of waiting, especially as they are effecting some of your experiences.

  • Fixed the inconsistent VO.
  • Changing VO slider no longer removes VO.
  • Fixed an issue with collision around the Sauna area in Act I.
  • Removed floating item in Act I.
  • Fixed Sprite Item not showing in Act II.
  • Fixed an error causing Act II "Cleaner" achievement to not load.
  • Fixed Paper not loading right images.
  • Fixed Achievement sometimes skipping Finish Act- Re enter the hubworld to unlock.
  • Rebuilt Act II Sidedream 2 Lighting.
  • Portal in Act III now works.
  • Fixed French, German and Russian Start Menu being shown when paused.
  • Fixed French, German and Russian PC's sometimes not loading.
  • Game now correctly pauses.
  • Items now correctly get added to the inventory.
  • Invert Mouse now works.
  • Menu sliders work as intended.
  • Menu recognises correct language.
  • Fixed being able to control the character in the options page.
  • Game now defaults to English.

Keybinding issues
It seems those experiencing more issues with the inventory&keybindings than others is because files are being left behind from the Early Access version and not getting replace. I have made the game generate new files so things should work as intended.

Settings and VSYNC
The games default settings have too been replaced. Please make sure to set them again.

In regards to VSYNC, it seems NVIDIA control panel takes precedence of this. Try enabling VSYNC via this - If your Drivers are not taking priority Dream requires a restart after turning VSYNC on. - I have enabled it to be on by default.

The next patch will focus on the other bugs as well as the keybingings displaying the correct key.
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