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*Styx festival event*
Osirans believe that the last day of October marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter.
It is said that lost souls still wandering the earth are at their strongest on this day.
Even Amorkan "the Styx", who leads Dragon Souls back to Anderton, rests at this time in order to recover his powers of guidance more quickly.

But when there is no one to guide the lost souls, the possibility exists that these roving spirits will get out of control.
Thus, Amorkan "the Styx" told his priests that Osirans would have to take his place in guiding the wandering souls on this day.
Ever since then, this day has been called "Styx Festival", and is also known as "The Day of the Dead".

Four new Dragons to the Marketplace:

Yuchi Lex Dragon
Golu Dragon
Coalsteel Volle Dragon
Silversnow Volle Dragon

All new content:

New adventure zone Thadrea.
Increased the level cap to 102.
Added three new Dungeons:

Tonapah Tomb
Mictlan Secret Passage
Asuma Mirage (epic)

Halloween event and themed content:

Styx festival
6 Achievements to unlock
Rewards including companion, costumes, transformation potions, and more new Halloween themed items in the marketplace

What a great time to be playing Dragon's Prophet!

Todd 'Tanthor' Carson

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