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Starting today, Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is available for pre-order! This latest entry into our award-winning franchise is by far the deepest single-player campaign that Company of Heroes has ever seen. With a whole new emphasis placed on player agency, your decisions will directly impact the lives of the officers you command, their men, and the outcome of the battle itself.

Each of the three selectable companies within Ardennes assault offers different gameplay styles, specializations, abilities, Officers, and has a different impact on the outcome of your game – significantly increasing replay options. What you experience in Ardennes Assault may vary greatly from what other players experience, with your personal journey one that is a direct result of your cumulative in-game choices!

For those eager to pre-order this exciting new release, we have a very special incentive! All pre-order purchases will include a fourth company for free. Under the fiery command of Captain Monte Durante, the Fox Company is a group of Rangers with an elite infantry background. Further extending your narrative experience, playing with the Fox Company offers a whole new series of unique company and mission reports that will change your mission experiences.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault will be released on November 18th and is the latest single-player campaign in the award winning real-time-strategy series.
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