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YungClickClack Oct 20, 2013 @ 8:42am 
thanks for the update! This game is amazing!
Russia is my city Oct 20, 2013 @ 12:25am 
peli ei mee päälle
assad0311 Oct 19, 2013 @ 10:05am 
is it lagy
cheese Oct 11, 2013 @ 7:01pm 
@Konstantin use backspace
Konstantin Oct 11, 2013 @ 3:01am 
The DELETE key now call the garbage collector. This should help when there is lags.

Is is work on mac? What key should I press to do this action?
Captain Kokomo Oct 10, 2013 @ 7:57pm 
I agree, the learning curve is steep. If you stick with it and watch a couple of youtube videos that arn't *beep*ing time lapsed so you can actually learn how to build. This game is really fun and addictive.

It has oodles of potential waiting to burst out into the full game format.

While there are understandably plenty of bugs, eg. Pathfinding, Unexplained bricktron strikes, etc.. For an alpha release it is still a very enjoyable game.

Early access is always a gamble, I for one still think it is worth the money. If the price goes up (which it should, and will for the full release) I will be glad I got in early.
lunavoco Oct 10, 2013 @ 8:23am 
I'm excited to play the game, it looks very good! But... I'm hesitant to drop $19.99 on an early access. I'm a reasonable person who's well aware of what "Beta" and "Early Access" means and would love the chance to assist in testing and providing feedback.

Is there any chance this will go on discount soon?
Shaulea Oct 10, 2013 @ 3:15am 
As enjoyable as this is, you're going to need to watch a tutorial on how to play because the in-game tutorial doesn't help with much.
Triggzzyy Oct 9, 2013 @ 5:39pm 
this game looks awesome i'm going to get it friday and see what's up
leleon83 Oct 9, 2013 @ 7:51am 
Always fun to see people complain about patch and bug and issue in game that are EARLY ACCES