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Castle Story
Sauropod Studio

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Whaaaat’s up lasses and lads! Recorders, notebooks and pens out, it’s time for another Ask A Dev session, this time with our skillful 3D animator, Marytron. We’ll be gathering your 3D animation/art related questions, picking the best and getting answers from her!

Marytron has joined Sauropod Studio’s ranks nearly a year ago and currently, she’s working on something secret she doesn’t want to spoil yet. Animators take a 3D model that’s been rigged on a bone structure, and keyframe animations by hand to give life and personality to the game characters. When she’s not giving life to 3D models, Marytron likes to ride around town on her Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Post your 3D animation/art related questions as a reply below!

Next week, we’ll post the answers right here, on CastleStory.net!

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