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Castle Story
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Hello everyone, we’ve been hard at work again today to fix some of the more pressing issues, such as survival bugs and crashes, and implementing new features to build onto the 0.3.0 release.

We’re happy to introduce a new feature for Big Island. You will now spawn randomly on one of the island’s many crystal everytime you start a new game. This will help you explore every meter of the new island’s massive square kilometer of land, and provide more replayability per map. We’re really eager to see what you will build in it!

We also want to make clear that the new AI is only available in the sandbox map “Bricktron V2 Demo”. Every other map is still using the old bricktron AI. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused for some of you.

Here are the bugs fixed in this patch:
  • Fixed memory leak cause by tree meshes.
  • Fixed memory leak caused by the pie menu.
  • Fixed a bad save version in the tutorial, preventing to load it properly.
  • Fixed numerous issues with survival mode saves.
  • Fixed an issue on Survival where Bricktrons wouldn’t free their position when dying.
  • Fixed corruptron’s spawn rate doubling after a save/load issue.
  • Improved the volumetric properties of the crystal.
  • Fixed the door’s debris spawning at a bad angle.
  • Fixed corruptrons assigning themselves to the wrong voxels when moving.
  • Various small optimisations behind the scenes.

Also note that this update will break your saves. If you desire to port them to be compatible with this patch, we published a guide on the forums:

Thanks again for all your feedback and bug reports, we still got some fixes and features coming, so stay tuned!
- Team Sauropod
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