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A little bird told us there was an illicit, fight-club like underground hidden tournament being organized by blood-thirsty members of the community in which Castle Story players face each other off at PvP battles in the game.

Frankly, this is shocking and slightly frightening and we love it. If you’re parts crazy and parts brave and want to participate in such a tournament, join the official Discord by clicking here[] and fill in the participation form by clicking here.

In light of this competition and considering, from what we’ve heard, that if you die in this tournament you die IRL, we’ve decided to divert some effort to fix an old bug that made multiplayer games a little unfairly biased towards the person hosting the game;

- Fixed an issue where the host would see the energy lines of other players’ wards in the fog of war.

Enjoy and good luck to everyone taking part in this tournament. :)

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