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Castle Story
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Little updates that some of you might really appreciate. Let me introduce to you guys the Pause function! Show us some screenshots of your best paused moment!

  • Client
    • Added over the code from core for the UnscaledDeltaTime for the StateMachines.This code will have to be pulled up soon in the core
    • Added pause menu, as in the current master, to release
    • Added The Void at the bottom of the map to eat any falling objects out of existance
    • Fixed #1464 by cleaning the static detectives and also properly fixes the issue with leaking arrows fixed in 06e95b939.
    • Fixed bricktrons being deleted breaking existing survival behaviours.
    • Fixed NullReferenceException in Fleche.AppliquerPhysiques.
    • Fixed Pause
    • Fixed save thumbnails while paused
    • Fixed screenshots while paused
    • Fixed to get thumbnails to work in pause
    • Fixes issues #1448. We now let the save code handle file management.
    • Upgrade of the core to add the UnscaledDeltaTime for the State machines

Note that unfortunately we had to revert a fix on a memory leak with audio in the last minute, so this one will come in the next update.
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