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Castle Story
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Hi everyone,

We have a little update for you today! If you downloaded version 0.4 of Castle Story  you may have encountered problems when saving your game. Some players were unable to make a backup of their progress. This situation has now been resolved and you can now do it without encountering any difficulties.

Another small correction is also available with 0.4.1. You are now able to load your old save files and thus to continue your constructions and projects. The incompatibility between 0.3.7 version and the current version of the game is now solved (only for Sandbox mode).

We are also working to address the lag that you may  have noticed in 0.4. As you know, the optimization of Castle Story remains one of our top priorities. We know that most of the lag comes from lumber tasks, and some cases where there are no resources for construction tasks.

Again we appreciate your feedback, so feel free to talk to us, make suggestions and report bugs on our various platforms: Twitter, Facebook and our official forums on Steam.

  • Fixed the “clean-up now” feature that wasn’t working properly on modified voxels.
  • Fixed the doors in the Tutorial.
  • Fix: Bricktrons weren’t able to pick-up a Logs/Bricks on the ground with the Pie Menu.
  • Fixed a corner case where Bricktrons were trying to build stockpiles with orange/blue crystals.
  • Fixed a corner casewhere Bricktrons weren’t able to drop their resources on the ground when stockpiles were full.
  • A fix where Bricktrons don’t have any animation when a voxel breaks under their feet.
  • Fixed that you weren’t able to key bind the scrolling wheel on your mouse.
  • Fixed the issue where Bricktrons were breaking voxels of rocks/crystals with one hit while mining.
  • Fixed a corner case when you were assigning a Bricktron to a task that needed a second click.
  • Fixed a corner case in which you weren’t able to save your game.
  • Fixed the scroll bar in the New Game menu.
  • Fixed that you weren’t able to switch mode in tunnel with Ctrl+Right-Click.
  • Fixed that if you changed the settings of a barrel, they weren’t getting saved.
  • Fixed that sometimes names of Bricktrons were appearing in the corner of your screen.
  • Fixed that archers were screaming every second while shooting at Corruptrons.
  • Swapped the default face of the Bricktrons to the default one instead of the grumpy one.
  • Fixed that sometimes after loading a game you were losing Bricktrons.
  • Added a feature that you will be able to update your saves from version 0.3.7 to 0.4.1


- The Sauropod Team
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