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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

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Based on the original games, Serious Sam: Revolution is a modernized Serious Sam Classic for modern PC's. It includes both The First Encounter and The Second Encounter and is using the old engine and game physics in this standalone game, with a lot of bug fixes and better compatibility with modern computers (such as 64 bit compatibility). Additionally it also includes a brand new campaign, brand new multiplayer modes and levels, full Steamworks integration and a lot more.

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Aside from a recent ice skating incident here at Alligator Pit (imagine that, ice skating near a pit full of alligators), we managed to push another update to Steam without many wounded developers. That is a good thing!

We might also have some Bright Island teasers in the near future, so stay tuned for that. Thanks to everyone who have reported bugs and suggestions on the bugreporter[], via the forum, or directly to one of us in online deathmatch while you were destroying us with rocket launchers and shotguns. It's okay. We forgive you.

So, let's get to the changes:
  • Added a "Custom Message" editor property to enemies to give them custom Netricsa messages.
  • Added a new biomech enemy type: "Spawner".
  • Added a new beheaded enemy type: "Vaporwave".
  • Added the ability to make custom crosshairs. The game will now list all crosshairs that it can find in the "Textures/Interface/Crosshairs" folder instead of only the 7 default ones.
  • Added mut_fPlayerAccelerationMultiplier and mut_fPlayerDecelerationMultiplier mutators.
  • Changed physics a little bit to make it easier to climb on certain kinds of ledges. (Feedback or issues about this welcome!)
  • Fixed issues with Steam lobbies causing lobbies to persist longer than it should, causing weird issues in the long run.
  • Fixed problem on Oasis where you could get stuck in the Marsh Hopper room.
  • Fixed Fishman not working on Steam builds.
  • Fixed cannonballs exploding on itself when firing in Yodeller.
  • Fixed projectiles launching too fast after new tickrate update.
  • Fixed editor shortcut for test-in-place. Removed test-in-fullscreen shortcut.
  • Fixed cooperative damage counter counting if you shoot players.
  • Fixed autodownloader issues for some maps.
  • Fixed net_bReportCorrectionPackets not giving valuable enough debugging information.
  • Fixed a weird scoring issue in CTF.
  • Fixed a couple common crashes.
  • Fixed a couple enemy spawner issues.
  • Fixed a lot of other minor issues.
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