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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

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Based on the original games, Serious Sam: Revolution is a modernized Serious Sam Classic for modern PC's. It includes both The First Encounter and The Second Encounter and is using the old engine and game physics in this standalone game, with a lot of bug fixes and better compatibility with modern computers (such as 64 bit compatibility). Additionally it also includes a brand new campaign, brand new multiplayer modes and levels, full Steamworks integration and a lot more.

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In a world where people lack the time to do things due to real life.. uhm.. where was I going with this? Right. Here's a new update for Revolution. Hopefully we'll get back to doing regular updates again, as we adjust our time planning gradually.

  • Added ability to use mutators in splitscreen mode
  • Added the ability to pause the game in survival, due to user feedback
  • Added plasmathrower/minelayer weapon keybindings, default on '9'
  • Added "Start target enemy", this allows a specific enemy to target a specific entity as its enemy (enemy vs. enemy!)
  • Added hud_ulCrosshairColor
  • Added powerups bar to Xbox hud theme
  • Added boss bar, oxygen bar, and frost bar to Xbox hud theme
  • Added 2 new mutators: "Player starting health" and "Player maximum armor"
  • Added a couple new "common uncommon" resolutions (8k, 21:9)
  • Updated the version of Steamworks used (this might solve some "can't start lobby" issues)
  • The game will now pause when you open the Steam overlay in single player
  • Fixed a lot of minor issues
  • Fixed some issues in Xbox hud theme
  • Fixed some resolutions not showing unless you go into windowed mode
  • Fixed issue with dedicated server not running without proper Steam dll's
  • Fixed hud scaling on low resolutions sometimes looking wrong
  • Fixed kleers and exotech larvas sometimes not blowing up
  • Fixed getting stuck in cooperative or singleplayer after finishing a level
  • Fixed model destruction not working in cooperative a lot of times
  • Fixed weird sound glitching on plasmathrower after using other weapons
  • Fixed weapon position for plasmathrower
  • Fixed wrong death message on headman killing player
  • Fixed bug in Moon Mountains where you would respawn above abyss
  • Fixed 2-player splitscreen having unnecessary black borders
  • Fixed Netricsa opening in versus multiplayer
  • Fixed some synchronization problems

Editor and modding
  • Added a bunch of new hud theme cvars: hud_bThemeArmorAlignLeft, hud_bThemeWeaponSwapIcons, hud_fThemeWeaponIconWidth, hud_fThemeWeaponIconHeight, hud_fThemeCurrentWeaponSizeX, hud_fThemeCurrentWeaponSizeY, hud_bThemeShowFilter, hud_fThemeFilterOffsetX, hud_fThemeFilterOffsetY, hud_fThemeFilterSizeX, hud_fThemeFilterSizeY, hud_ulThemeFilterColorUL, hud_ulThemeFilterColorUR, hud_ulThemeFilterColorDL, hud_ulThemeFilterColorDR, hud_bThemeHealthAlignLeft, hud_fThemeScoreIconScale, hud_bThemeScoreAlignLeft, hud_bThemeShowWeapons, hud_fThemeWeaponsIconWidth, hud_fThemeWeaponsIconHeight
  • Updated some thumbnails for entities in virtual tree in the editor
  • Removed the shortcut for test game in place (Shift+T) as it was used for property shortcuts
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