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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

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Based on the original games, Serious Sam: Revolution is a modernized Serious Sam Classic for modern PC's. It includes both The First Encounter and The Second Encounter and is using the old engine and game physics in this standalone game, with a lot of bug fixes and better compatibility with modern computers (such as 64 bit compatibility). Additionally it also includes a brand new campaign, brand new multiplayer modes and levels, full Steamworks integration and a lot more.

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Happy holidays and a happy new year! We're hoping you're enjoying the holidays so far. For those celebrating Christmas eve, here's another addition to your gift loot! Alligator Pit proudly presents the Christmas 2014 update.

In this update, we bring you a brand new special survival level to brighten up that festive mood this time of year even more! Very unoriginally called Christmas Survival 2014, fight your way through a festive snowy land of blood, bones, death, and uhm.. wait, are those things festive? ..who cares! Probably! Let's blow some shit up!

Changelog AP_2703

  • Added Christmas Survival 2014!
  • Added santa hats to all players! (This lasts until midnight December 31st)

  • Added the possiblity to have random next targets on enemy markers
  • Fixed gizmos not exploding with aura effects
  • Fixed problem with alpha on enemy auras
  • Fixed some rare crashes with some enemies
  • Fixed exploits in some levels
  • Fixed shadows in Karnak Demo level
  • Fixed enemies getting damaged due to fall damage in some levels
  • Fixed some empty folders existing in the game directory
  • Fixed some exploits in multiplayer survival
  • Changed error reporting for level statistics to be more verbose
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