AP_2345 is now live.

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abb80 Jun 4 @ 2:10am 
thanks, now the game works again
Пузатый Jun 3 @ 11:25pm 
after update i have a low fps (3 - 20) :(
Scratch~ Jun 3 @ 12:58pm 
abb80, opt-out of the Steam Beta Client update.
abb80 Jun 3 @ 9:22am 
if i can help with something, i installed High-resolution Texture Tweak before launch the new version
abb80 Jun 3 @ 9:19am 
I can't upload the .rpt and .mdmp, i don't know the secret word for the registration process, anyway i think must be the same bug
abb80 Jun 3 @ 7:45am 
with the new patch the game crashes
=T$ETag=Na'Ryan Jun 2 @ 8:34pm 
I uploaded the .rpt and 2 .mdmp on the bug reporter.
Scratch~ Jun 2 @ 7:00pm 
NaRyan, can you post the mdmp on the forums, please?
=T$ETag=Na'Ryan Jun 2 @ 6:03pm 
Game now just crashes when launching....