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Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

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Based on the original games, Serious Sam: Revolution is a modernized Serious Sam Classic for modern PC's. It includes both The First Encounter and The Second Encounter and is using the old engine and game physics in this standalone game, with a lot of bug fixes and better compatibility with modern computers (such as 64 bit compatibility). Additionally it also includes a brand new campaign, brand new multiplayer modes and levels, full Steamworks integration and a lot more.

Serious Sam Revolution forum

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  • Made the environment auras more clear as to what they actually are
  • Fixed a problem with environment auras when not in Ugh-Zan difficulty
  • Fixed the "I am Ugh-Zan" achievement not working
  • Changed the beforementioned achievement, it now requires you to only play the last level of The Second Encounter or The First Encounter
  • Fixed "Mental" and "I am Ugh-Zan" difficulty not displaying in map statistics.
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