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Firefall Is Here!

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Firefall is a dynamic, open-world MMO shooter with limitless exploration of a vast future Earth, rewarding skilled players as they progress through a deep story. Players will be able to customize their character in a living world that constantly offers new challenges.

Fighting for a world forever changed by the Melding, Firefall players customize their battleframes and weaponry, taking the fight to the Chosen to reclaim Earth. With team-based and on-demand quests, Firefall is the first MMO to feature truly dynamic events that appear throughout the game world, offering players new experiences every time they play.

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It’s that time of year again: the Night of the Melding is quickly approaching, and spooky events have been reported all around New Eden and Devil’s Tusk. Astrek Association is looking for brave men and women to investigate and are willing to pay handsomely in this special seasonal Live Event that runs from Wednesday, October 29th at 5PM PDT through Monday, November 10th at 5PM PST. Read on for more information here[].

If you don’t already have the game installed, you can find a link to download it here.

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See you in game, ARES Pilots!
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[End] Raptor Battleframe Weekend
October 27 @ 05:00pm

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