February Update v0.5.5 is LIVE!

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WolfSabre 31. bře. v 4.29 odp. 
Early Access: You get what you're given, and you be grateful for it.
WolfSabre 31. bře. v 4.25 odp. 
We pay money for "early access", Profesional. And the completed game, when it is eventually released. How about you stop paying for early access and just buy the game for full price when its at a completed stage. This way you can get what you want (which is a completed game) and save us reading stupid comments from people who really don't know what early access is. You're a consumer not an investor btw.
The Profesional 31. bře. v 8.04 dop. 
This is there job they have taken in tons of money they have already been paid for there work they have not delivered on. WHAT id like them to do is respond to these post tell us whats going on why are they not delivering on said product instead of getting some one like you to spout out damage control. But as far as i can tell they defrauded us and should be held accountable
The Profesional 31. bře. v 8.04 dop. 
Oh there is always some one like you who shows up saying this same sort of line trying to do damage control. We pay money for there game in early access and expect them to deliver on what they promise. Were investors investing in there company or product and now were complaining about a lack of progress. They have not performed or delivered anything of note in 4 years but lies and misdirections from day one. I have played the newest patch and multiplayer still does not work like it should. I have talked to many people who bought this game i am not the only person that has this issue. I expect results on a product and i have not seen anything of note for 4 years.
Healthcare 30. bře. v 5.30 odp. 
Mines working fine "The Professional". I have a feeling you are out of touch with what early access means. If this game is so bad why are you following the updates? Just shelve the game. Early Access is the perfect place for a game that may be lacking full features or has a small team not capable of fully committing the full time toward development as they are probably working a whole other job. Or they have kids and unable to spit out patches like DayZ can.

How about you take a few steps back and use some logic.

What may have been a lie may have been the wrong revision up or the feature was in testing due to it not working as intended.

Or they can release buggy untested features that you will bitch and bark about in the next patch notes.

Is that the trend?

Will we see this wall of text every time you feel your needs were not tended to?

In a year are you going to ride every patch note and give us a tale about how long it took to even come out with this or that fix?
The Profesional 30. bře. v 1.33 dop. 
Multiplayer doesnt work at all and if your the lucky few who do get it working and dont crash 24/7 your lucky. Last update was a Paint gun. they added a paint gun instead of fixing major bugs in the game. Check out PLANET EXPLORERS its cheaper to buy it has 100 times the content and they are not FRAUDING you........
The Profesional 30. bře. v 1.33 dop. 
They got our money before the product was finished. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and close to million in fact. They had a video that showed game content that wasnt in game. They updated the game maybe 10 times in 4 years with almost no content bug fixes or anything. This is a blatent case of FRAUD on there part this is why 90% of the people who bought this game are upset. Game developers like this group should not be on steam. Over the years all i have witnessed is people like yourself who probably works for them doing damage control telling us to give them a chance we did 4 years ago and that have yet to deliver anything what so ever. I would have prefered it to be just a mining building game. Thats what they made it look like in there video.
beachboy1b 29. bře. v 9.56 odp. 
Guys, just chill out. It's not like these guys have a giant budget to work off of. Not to mention their outside lives. One, they didnt make you buy the game. Two, complaining about it isn't going to make them want to work faster. Just give them time, they will deliver on their promises.
By-Harry-Heck 28. bře. v 7.48 odp. 
Bring back my money! Game two years alpha version. This game is terrible with optimization!
explosivesmile 28. bře. v 3.12 odp. 
i agree with SPooK