PvP BOTS Live for everyone! + 3 new FREE Multiplayer Maps update!

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HunterKiller Jul 13 @ 9:18am 
OK, thanks. Didn't really matter anyway. Half of the stuff here is avoided and doesn't take me to it anyway. How good is this game working now?
giligain [HUN] Jun 5 @ 4:52am 
Since the update, the game is unplayable. Already about 50 times trying to chapter 3.5, but I always throw out the game because of an illegal operation performed. It was not like before the update. I've turned off the beta-bots. I checked the files, but there is no error. Just enough to throw. What do you try to get? This is my favorite game, and I don't want to delete, but I can't play it... Please, somebody help me!!!
Wisak May 27 @ 12:54am 
Hi @HunterKiller. That's not something we can fix. It's how Steam works and we can't change it. Sorry for that.
Blinkdog May 26 @ 7:31pm 
HunterKiller May 26 @ 6:18pm 
All links go to the group page, screw that, when I click on the game liNk, I want to go to the STORE PAGE LIKE NORMAL.
AzureDragoon May 26 @ 11:10am 
Add more co op content please :/