Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Game update 1.27 is here! Police cars, differential lock, liftable trailer axles

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trucker1993 Jun 6 @ 1:05am 
you could check the truck wich you use i figured some trucks have a lack of weight if your cargo has a big amount of weight make the truck so heavy as possible


cargo heavier than the truck?

your trailer start his own life and takes the truck with them

straigth aheads
slow brakes

= concider reviewing your truck or take another load
wikkid1 Jun 5 @ 5:23pm 
I re-read the updates a couple of times, but I'm not sure I understand the implications of some of them... my main question is, was something done with trailer stability?

I just started playing after a few months mostly off and doing the first job was a serious pain. The trailer just wants to flip on every corner, wasn't even going fast, seems like anything over 45-50kph and it wants to topple over.
trucker1993 May 30 @ 12:49am 
go to settings and go to updates if you select keep game automaticly updated it should update when it find new content
[LL Logistics] lachlan01 May 29 @ 12:07pm 
why is my ets not updating???
[TruckersPL]Damian72 May 8 @ 12:14am 
moze ktos mi pomoc zeby przejsc z 1.26 na 1.27 bo mecze sie z tym od jakiegos czasu ,mial mi synek pomoc ale bez odzewu .A ja taki ciemny jestem w te klocki ze szkoda slow.
trucker1993 Apr 29 @ 2:36am 
i was in settings a moment ago
trucker1993 Apr 29 @ 2:35am 
@din_0989 my bad


it should be there
din_0989 Apr 29 @ 2:16am 
How to choose between the different adaptive transmission modes?
trucker1993 Apr 28 @ 3:19am 
after that updates should be started automaticly
trucker1993 Apr 28 @ 3:17am 
@kenstretton are you sure you have a valid game? or no demo version?

rightmouse button on eurotruck simulator settings/characteristics (or something like that) updates and then on top automatic updates there should be keep game up to date selected
srry for the bad english i hope you understand