Sound Recording Session - Scania V8

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soene ludovic 27 jul 2014 om 11:07nm 
cé cool
DaDoug 28 jan 2014 om 7:41nm 
Question, this truck looks nice how come it is not used in game? When I search the mod site for Scania 143m comes back with a cabover modle
[BST] 11 jan 2014 om 10:34vm 
jest cool
[RO] Express Gabriel 11 jan 2014 om 7:48vm 
super :X
lekha.filatoff2012 7 jan 2014 om 9:52nm 
JordanMillerLOL 6 jan 2014 om 2:37nm 
Such a great game!
JTSI7 3 jan 2014 om 3:25nm 

Taylor 2 jan 2014 om 3:39vm 
Brilliant game so far just keep the upgrades coming and of course more dlc.
slonik4488 1 jan 2014 om 2:53vm 
Суперско ! Отличная работа
[STORM] Andrey [71RUS] 30 dec 2013 om 10:21nm