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If building an epic space craft and taking it on a tour through the vastness of space sounds like your idea of a great Saturday afternoon, then you should join our Kinetic Void group! Come chat on our discussions page or ask your questions, or check out screenshots, art and more through the store page!

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  • New procedural missions.

  • Updated the ships texture atlas
  • All subsystems now have proper names
  • Module Count warning’s have been raised.
  • Lava planets atmosphere has been brought inline with the visuals of other planets

  • Fixed a radar issue where when a faction would become hostile their already spawned ships radar icons would not change over to red.
  • Fixed an issue with the target lead indicator, when switching out of manual fire mode the target lead would stay visible.
  • Fixed an issue with the hardpoint count not recalculating till after you opened the subsystem manager.
  • Fixed issues with mission waypoints not triggering properly.
  • Fixed issues with mission faction handling.
  • Background stars are now visible again.
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