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If building an epic space craft and taking it on a tour through the vastness of space sounds like your idea of a great Saturday afternoon, then you should join our Kinetic Void group! Come chat on our discussions page or ask your questions, or check out screenshots, art and more through the store page!

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This patch moves the game from Unity 4.5 to Unity version 5. This is a major engine update that, among other changes, includes a new PhysX version. While this should improve performance, it also changed some physics behaviors. Please keep an eye out for bugs that may be related to the physics engine.
**New Galaxy Required.

  • 64bit build options are available now.
  • Sector Log functionality added for logging General, Faction, Mission, Economic information happening in the game. This will be expanded upon later on in the development.
  • Players with high enough of standings can now join a faction. This is done under the Faction Window up at the top right by the close button. If you have high enough standings you will see a button there saying you may join that faction.

  • Game is now using Unity 5.
  • AI ships now have a warp bubble effect around them when they warp.
  • AI ships will now visibly travel to planets, stations, and warp gates. Ships that arrive at warp gates and stations will queue up and proceed to dock/warp.
  • Various improvements and fixes to AI behavior.
  • The player starts out neutral to all factions (requires new galaxy).
  • Adjusted AI for Turrets with Thermal Weapons.
  • Adjusted Mining Lasers, so that larger weapons will yield more resources now. As well changed the damage model that they are using, should take longer to mine an asteroid now than before which will allow more resources to be yielded.
  • Reduced the rate that durability and shields scale at by a factor of 2, this should make them a little more vulnerable to lower tier weapons. The best counter however is to use an appropriately tiered weapon.
  • Converted two Kinetic and one Beam weapon to fire Electromagnetic damage.
  • Kinetic Fields now take triple damage from Electromagnetic sources.
  • In Shipyard, hull resists are now displayed under the general ship stats panel.

  • Auto align before warping should no longer just hang infinitely.
  • Steamworks support for MacOSX & Linux not working.
  • Fixed an alignment issue where parts placed on the front starting cube would flip 180 degrees.
  • The resistances displayed in the ship stats panel now properly shows the diminishing returns applied to them during gameplay.
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