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If building an epic space craft and taking it on a tour through the vastness of space sounds like your idea of a great Saturday afternoon, then you should join our Kinetic Void group! Come chat on our discussions page or ask your questions, or check out screenshots, art and more through the store page!

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  • Added bonus relationship change into the bounty rewards message.
  • Added Faction Log info for when an enemy ship is destroyed which faction(s) relations are increased.

  • Increase the amount of positive reputation acquired with the sector’s faction when destroying a bounty ship.
  • Changed how the workshop thumbnail backgrounds are taken. This should correct the issue that some people were having with the strange backgrounds once the ship was uploaded.

  • Fixed an issue where if you created a new Galaxy with random parts and then exited to the main menu and reloaded that Galaxy all parts would be wiped from your station.
  • Fixed Mining Drones not getting within their firing range when told to mine.
  • Fixed an issue with the wreckage points not always dropping parts of the destroyed ship.
  • Fixed a bug where Faction Relations would not update timely causing it to appear as no reputation was being gained. Relation changes via combat will now appear instantly.
  • Fixed a bug with the Map that would allow it to change sectors without the Micro Warp Drive being enabled.
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