Kinetic Void

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Goldroman22 2013年7月3日 20時29分 
planit stuff i dont like flying thrugh a planit or star...
Wicked 2013年7月2日 18時42分 
it would be nice if they could avoid some of the mistakes that EVE did, such as ship balancing, I don't think that will be an issue if all the ships are modular. and it would be nice if resources were abundant, after all, if you've got entire asteroid fields to mine you should be able to get all the heavy metals you need.
does anyone know if the physics are "planes in space", "ships in space" or "orbital mechanics"?
The_Riddick 2013年6月21日 23時19分 
Adding star trek parts would not be a issue, A) you don't need to make them identical, B) The ships are made by the community NOT the developer, C) I don't believe the movie studios have any rights to saucer shapes. That would be silly and impossible to enforce!
killemall123987 2013年6月21日 9時43分 
if players could create their own factions and start wars and build trade alliances and etc. that would be cool. but im not the desginers so i have no clue how hard it is to do these things but like clockwork said id like to have planet interaction. i used to play x3 and this game when its done anyways will blow that game out of the water. you guys are doing great!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up! :}
SergeSC 2013年6月20日 9時42分 
"darthreven 18 Jun 2013 @ 9:42pm
can you make it so that the AI has their own seperate ships and does not only use ones that you have made? thanks"

In my case it's the contrary. The AI will not use the ships I've created.
DekuHugger 2013年6月20日 0時18分 
One thing I want to put on here, LumberingTroll (Lead game Dev) has replied to most future ideas on the "Kinetic Void: State of the game" discussion and has said what things he will certainly not be adding 9at least in the initial game), and BlockBadger and Dakili from the community also re-posted a lot of info from different discussions on there to answer questions, so I ask you all to please check on there before asking about future ideas and suggestions maybe, it'll help keep reposts down so the same idea/question isn't posted 10 times in different discussions =)

Also, I have no authority, I'm just another community member, trying to help keep reposts down as I said =)
Phantoma 2013年6月19日 11時00分 
Ramming speed anyone?
darthreven 2013年6月18日 19時42分 
can you make it so that the AI has their own seperate ships and does not only use ones that you have made? thanks
☧ontiff 2013年6月18日 15時17分 
If you could add multiplayer (co-op, pvp, etc), and planet interaction (i.e colonies, landing on planets, etc), I would buy it and this game would be on number four on my ten best games I've ever played in my entire life.
Phantoma 2013年6月18日 12時39分 
Fluffy likes Star Trek :)