Build 0.03b - Hotfix

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Reaper 21 okt 2013 om 5:26nm 
Found another problem with the save sysytem, I created a ship and saved it no .ship file appears but it still shows up in the ship list, also the new ship only appears if I launch the the application that launches steam then Kinetic Void it shows up in the ship list, If I launch the actual game (steam does not launch) it does not appear in the ship list. I also created a massive ship, it saved but again there is no .ship file, but appears in the ship list. When load it though I noticed deformations in the structure as far as a whole section being stretched out, so I removed it ans re0built that section, now there are these coloured streams coming ou of the ship.
Omar 21 okt 2013 om 1:56nm 
i know it's a long way away , but any idea when multiplayer is going to be incorperated into the game ?
Hoggle 10 okt 2013 om 4:00vm 
still waiting for a new update
Macherby 6 okt 2013 om 9:05vm 
Works allright on Linux Mint 14 until dokcing with space stations, then it crashes. Hopefully fixed soon
Hydrofoil 5 okt 2013 om 11:15vm 
The game is still in very early development guys dont knock it till the finished product is out there!
Dahurian #birthdayhype 5 okt 2013 om 9:45vm 
Game looks okay, pretty cool you can make your own ship but i cant see what you're supposed to do yet
Rider Death 5 okt 2013 om 8:13vm 
game so ugly (((
Reaper 3 okt 2013 om 8:06vm 
Having a problem with the save system, I know there areand have been problems with it, my problem is that when making a a ship out of scale 5 parts, it says I saved it but there is no .ship file for the ship, but it appears in the ship list. When I load it from the ship list the textures are all messsed up, if I played around with the colours there will be these streaks of of the colours I chose filling up the screen with parts ship modle barly visable in the center. I f I make a ship of a smaller scale such as #3 parts, It wil again save but have no .ship file, when I load it from the ship list it will load with no problems.