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D11 Patch is now Live!

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Kaypix 2014年5月6日 18時47分 
Take a look at some of our YouTube videos of gameplay and make your judgement from there. We just released the Development patch for D12 and are working out the bugs, so I'd recommend sticking with D11 until next week when we push D12 live.

Mining drones have been fixed up for D12, but you can get around the limitations in D11 by doing a few things: Launch them at asteroids from roughly 17-22km away and they're more likely to both do their job and return to the ship.

I see what you're saying, but you know as soon as we put limitations on what weapon hardpoints can have what subsystems that people will rage out at us ;) Plus it'd be a pain to program each hardpoint individually. The hangar bay issue should be resolved for D12 as well :)
Kaypix 2014年5月6日 18時47分 
Hey guys, I know this is a super old announcement (nearly a month old) but since I see some comments from about a week ago, I'll try to address them. Felerys: To alleviate that whole 50km being too far away, once you warp somewhere, use shift+r for max speed, press t to drop your kinetic field, and you'll increase your speed significantly while you fly to your final destination. Smaller ships mostly benefit by being more able to be "quick" as opposed to the larger weapons, which are more durable. They don't dodge attacks really, but allow you to maneuver around the larger ships so their guns can't line up as often. I don't believe there is a plan to target specific systems at this time.
Mr.Fothump 2014年4月30日 3時20分 
it would be lovely if every hardpoint/weapons mount got a set of there own weapons.
if you look at some of hardpoint/weapons mounts and put a guided missle laucher on it it does't look like it belongs there.

And the hangerbay does't work every time, when you ask you're drones back to bay. there flying around and do nothing.
Nuruu 2014年4月29日 15時20分 
Mining Droids do not seem to want to return to hangerbay or go mining when ordered to.
VeterenRAForb 2014年4月23日 18時22分 
when will the weapons be back or is there a way to fix them now if so please tell how
BUSH DID X11 2014年4月21日 11時56分 
Is this game still suck-out-loud terrible?
Felerys 2014年4月20日 4時01分 
I have a few questions:

Is there a benefit to flying in a smaller ship right now? i.e. Do size and speed factor in to the accuracy of incoming beam and kinetic weapons?

Any hope of seeing a closer warp option, such as 25km or 10km? In the larger lumbering ships, being 50km+ from a warp gate or station is a long wait.

Will targeting specific systems (engines, the bridge, maybe even turret hardpoints on the larger ships) be an option at any point?
Chimera 2014年4月19日 8時34分 
Just got my internet connection back again, and I'm surprised to see the new changes in the game. Kv surely has the potential to be one of the greatest space simulators, on par with the legendary freelancer.

Keep up the good work, devs!
iGREETwithFIRE 2014年4月18日 13時08分 
all your reviews are from 2013 maybe you guys should put it on sale again i know i would buy it -.-
yyrgx 2014年4月17日 9時28分 
so is there actually a point to making a ship now? i have a few hours in this game literally just looking for an enemy or something to do...iz no fun.