Patch Notes D8 (Live)

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<BoSs>^1IC^0BM 2014년 1월 31일 오후 12시 58분 
id like to ask if there is such thing as fullscreen or screen settings as i find the bottom gets cut of on my screen.
Killert149 2014년 1월 28일 오후 6시 18분 
Drones? I think I missed a `few` updates...
SeamusFD 2014년 1월 25일 오후 7시 52분 
This is cool however no matter how many times I try, I cannot make a new game or load a game. I tried reinstalling the game as well, does anyone know what is going on.
InkySquid 2014년 1월 24일 오전 2시 32분 
This update is really great! I absolutely love the new engine graphics and the sped up projectile speed is a welcome change, and the combat rebalances are excellent too! :) I managed to destroy an AI ship with 12 drones in just over a minute of combat - so they are definitely useful now. Looking forward to the next one!
Murphybros 2014년 1월 23일 오후 11시 31분 
its still super early in developement tho. I'm sure they're working on it.
JAK 2014년 1월 23일 오후 7시 32분 
Thank you for the update chaps. Enjoying your changes and additions x
Morphix 2014년 1월 23일 오후 3시 26분 
i feel rather disappointed qith this uodate i love all the new stuff and fixs but it seems to only take 2 bugs to outway the good stuff in this update for starters i can only reach 11 hangers with the mouse adn i cant use the keyboard to select the rest like i use to, next up is a little more of a MASSIVE PROBLEM as in yes the caps were really needed and i hate caps so much i wish they were banned now the problemo is when i lower the visual settings space turns umm ... more then slightly pink as in space and only space not plaent or bullets only space backround becomes pink.

please release an update with fixs soon.
Mahesh 2014년 1월 23일 오후 1시 40분 
I bought the game because I LOVE space Sims, the X series and Evochron Mercensaries are just wonderful. Just wanted to say I love what I experienced as I was playing a bit yesterday and look forward to enjoying the updates to follow. Thanks for being great devs!