Build 0.006 Deployed

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Auranim 2013년 3월 27일 오전 11시 33분 
Just bought the game. Very nice, has a lot of potential. Ship designing can be a pain in the beggining due to the lack of information (even highlight text) regarding what to do. Flying the ship was difficult for me since there is virtually no HUD, and nothing that shows me how to control the ship. I'm spending hours designing ships, though. I look forward to seeing many more modules in the future =)
Colefin 2013년 3월 27일 오전 7시 21분 
Hey I got a question. Can you destroy enemy ships now, as if they are hostile now, do you have chance to destroy them and what weapons actually work. They say that turrets work, but which ones, because there are like 3 or 4 different turret types.
Tempus Thales 2013년 3월 27일 오전 4시 50분 
I still hate that the ship editor is such a pain in the ass to work with. It is still as complicated as it was in the beginning alpha.
joker159753 2013년 3월 27일 오전 4시 38분 
my game dident wurk
[EG-LL] ColRexu 2013년 3월 27일 오전 4시 02분 
AWESOME I love this game!
Synicas 2013년 3월 26일 오후 7시 50분 
Love the patches, they dont seem to lead to more broken content 100% of the time and theres a lot of supposedly finished games that can't say that. Enjoying the awsome progress.
tahalomaster 2013년 3월 26일 오후 7시 03분 
This is awesome! You could add a first-person view though :D
Sneezymr Milo 2013년 3월 26일 오후 6시 26분 
OMG I have been waiting a few days for this next update =D