Kinetic Void

Development Update

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[BB] DonkeyKiin 2013年5月14日 11時15分 
Looking forward to the full version. Keep up the great work!:D
{GFG} Kage 2013年5月8日 18時26分 
Making a game is "easy". Any programming project I do involves lots of "wtf!?!" style behaviors, rewriting my programming code time and time again, more "wtf!?!?!", adding tons of debug trying to find that one tiny detail that's going wrong, scratching my head in confusion at the lack of any problems detected by the debug, hitting my head against my desk in frustration, etc. And these kinds of projects are no where near the size and scale of a game like this. Although, I will admit it was a game I was making that caused the grief, it was just a text based battle game to be played in a chat room, but it was a lot of fun.
BlockBadger 2013年5月8日 15時20分 
I really like this format of telling us what each of you guys have been up to.
Congrats on getting the station interior done so fast.
{GFG} Kage 2013年5月8日 13時43分 
You might want to correct the spelling of serialization and interior.

So, with work being done on the weapon effects and engine particle trails, does this mean the trails will start scaling with the size of engine ship part? I've noticed how small they are on larger (size 5 especially) engine parts.

Really looking forward to AI being revamped. Current AI is a tad passive. Enemy ship spots me, circles me like a vulture and does nothing. It was even a ship I had outfitted to be a proper size 3 fighter, lots of weapons on that one (Took down a size 5 warship I had designed, using that size 3 ship).