Build 0.009 Deployed

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Lot Creator 20 кві 2013 о 19:29 
One slight recommendation is a Clear all button when you want to make a brand new ship. Currently all there is jus exiting and entering, but this is WIP. SO this is just a idea for you guys :D
¤RøE¤K1ll4Le55 20 кві 2013 о 9:05 
one more thing, i cant find a option any more to switch from snap to free place items any more, will this be added later?
LumberingTroll 19 кві 2013 о 18:02 
Not yet that is something we will add I think.We have also started seeing some issues we didnt catch before witht he subsystem management window, we will be working on it.
¤RøE¤K1ll4Le55 19 кві 2013 о 17:24 
loveing it so far, when going into subsystems is there any way to view size 5 only ect? like befor