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If building an epic space craft and taking it on a tour through the vastness of space sounds like your idea of a great Saturday afternoon, then you should join our Kinetic Void group! Come chat on our discussions page or ask your questions, or check out screenshots, art and more through the store page!

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D14.2 Live HotFix

  • There is now a system message that will alert the user when an item is placed within the cargo hold from either a mining/salvage attempt.

  • Reduced range scaling of sensors based on tier.
  • Changed the out of space system message when an item that is larger than the cargo hold can hold, it will now show what free space the cargo hold has and the required space of the item.

  • Brought back the stars again.
  • A bug causing AI ships to maneuver in ways inappropriate to their weight class has been fixed. Incidents of ramming should be greatly reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where subsystems were not showing up in the inventory after being collected via salvaging but was still taking up cargo hold space.
  • Credits are now shown correctly when in Sector.
  • Corrected an issue with the Station’s shaders.
  • Corrected an issue with the Planetary shaders for the OSX Client.
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