Super League Football table available now!

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deckermi Aug 14 @ 1:30am 
Some german teams would be great. BVB, Bayern, Schalke for example
UnderRAPS Jul 3 @ 9:16pm 
I bought this table in the spirit of the World Cup. Love the ball action and the game within a game. USA USA USA!! Uh...I'll go sit over there --> :(
Vigilante May 22 @ 6:49am 
I just got this game yesterday.You hit a home run with these tables Zen.I agree with SnowyNi we need more of these team pinball games.I have some really good ideas all inspired by this game but with a little twist.If someone from zen wants to hear them please point me in the right direction.Keep up the awsome work team Zen.
andrewk1967 Mar 21 @ 7:57pm 
very impressed with the actual table not impressed by the cost of the skins.
TheStrikester Mar 3 @ 1:57am 
Interesting........maybe ...
Boss Looter Feb 24 @ 4:21pm 
We want the Plants vs Zombies table!
Spiritolibero 85 (Ita) Feb 22 @ 1:12pm 
Finally my favorite team and the pinball put together <3
B00tsy Feb 21 @ 11:56am 
It is really an amazing table. At first I had some doubts about the table, but that is purely because I don't like football at all. The table is GREAT, Love the corners with little flippers, the top part of the tablewhere you have to score goals and take out the defenders, also the animated supporter crowd is very nice. You are the best Zen!
SnowyNI Feb 21 @ 6:14am 
Need a few more teams imo. And how about a NFL, NHL, F1/Nascar and maybe even a Rugby World Cup type table? So many options, keep up the good work! :)
jagmarky Feb 21 @ 2:22am 
I applaud you guys on your best table yet! It almost seems unfair comparing this to the others you have done in the past. This captures the pure essence of the game on a PINBALL TABLE, NO LESS! Are you kidding me!? I feel like I'm playing a football/soccer game while I'm playing pinball! Amazing, absolutely amazing....:')