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Thank you all for your reports! The following items have been changed with today's update:

Might of the First Order Table:
- Updated some DotMatrix animations
- Fixed an issue when Wizard mode did not start in certain circumstances
- Fixed a rare table stop issue during multiball mode
- Fixed a rare malfunction with magnets
- Fixed an issue when Phasma and Crushing modes were running concurrently
- Hotseat mode: fixed a ball stuck issue
- Hotseat mode: fixed an issue with tractor beam activation after a Tilt
- Hotseat mode: fixed a DotMatrix issue while the player entered the initials
- Hotseat mode: fixed an issue when the kick back lamp was not lit
- Hotseat mode: fixed an issue when the hyperspace background was stopped
- Fixed a rare issue while the target was not lit during Phasma mode
- Fixed an issue when a certain score was not displayed on the DotMatrix
- Fixed a minor Dotmatrix issue while executing tilt during Phasma mode
- Fixed a rare scoring issue during hurry-up modes

Aliens Table:
- Fixed an issue when the ball was draining in the outlane too often

Aliens vs. Predator table:
- Fixed a rare issue where the balls could get stuck in the orbit during multiballs
- Fixed rotation speed during minigame when playing with uncapped fps
- Fixed a rare issue where ballout could happen during minigames
- Fixed the camera during Vertigo mode in portrait mode
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