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Age of Wonders III

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Age of Wonders III

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Age of Wonders III is the long anticipated sequel to the award-winning strategy series. Delivering a unique mix of Empire Building, Role Playing and Warfare, Age of Wonders III offers the ultimate in turn-based fantasy strategy for veterans of the series and new players alike!

Age of Wonders III
Triumph Studios

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Hello All!

After Age of Wonders III clocking 10s of millions of hours of gameplay, and getting the feedback to go with it, we are happy to officially release the official V1.705 "CAESAR" patch! This marks a new level of refinement for the game, especially for the master Age of Wonders 3 strategists, multiplayer gamers and modders. The variety of balance and bug fixes should benefit everyone.

Multiplayer and PBEM
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer with the Production Resource Pickup. Which allowed a player to select both city upgrades if the game was continued from a save game.
  • Fixed an PBEM Ironman exploit where replacing delete/replacing save games, would in some cases not trigger an Ironman Notification.
  • Increased the PBEM save game size limit.
  • Fixed ironman exploit where a player could exit TC without triggering an ironman notification
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to reload a multiplayer game with different seal settings than it was created with
  • Fixed an issue with PBEM Ironmode warnings.

  • When a unit has been resurrected during tactical combat, it will no longer give XP or casting points (via Essence Harvest) for the rest of that battle.
  • Leaders affected by swallowed whole can now be rescued by killing the swallowing unit
  • The Magical Structures Skill no longer gives the - unintended - Arcane Study bonus.
  • Frostling Scoundrels now have Projectile Resistance on Bronze, like the other Scoundrels.
  • Nymphs should no longer show up in rewards from Spring of Life locations.
  • One of the classes had a double frost protection hero upgrade, which was removed.

  • Fixed a couple of rare crash when loading a save game.
  • Fixed various crashes caused by removing mods which add new banner colours and icons
  • Fixed crash when city was being razed while at the same time a player had a 'Independent Can Discuss: ...' event
  • Fixed crash when clicking on empty specialization icon in diplomacy interface

Random Maps
  • Fixed a bug in RMG (online multiplayer) games where players would sometimes not start on the map layer that they had selected in the leader customization menu.
  • Fixed a bug in RMG where choosing 'Random' advanced setting for 'Resource Sites' (as well as other options with 'Random') would be a random value per player instead of the same random value for all players. Which meant that some players could start without any resource sites, while others start with many resource sites.
  • Choosing 'None' roads in RMG does not remove bridges from lava hexes anymore, because it made the map too hard to taverse.

Modding and Tools
  • Added a new unit property that can be used to change the strength of resistance checks. See: AoW Unit Property: Resist Strength Modifier.
  • Modders can now add a requisite to units who stolen from other players using mind control. The requisite is applied to the unit when battle ends.
  • Added support for additional workshop tags to PackageManager
  • Modding: All of the 'AoW City Operation' now correctly check their required properties
  • Map Editor now streams content cutting memory use considerably.
  • Mod Editor now only loads low-resolution textures, cutting memory use considerably.
  • Fixed rare bug in PackageManager where it would not correct detect previously publish workshop item.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented modders from editing XP pickups without causing instability
  • Fixed a crash caused by modders adding starting properties to city cores

Graphics and Glitches
  • Fixed a geometry gap in the city walls of arctic city battles.
  • Fixed a graphics glitch for one of the human male hairdos.
  • Linked the correct bird for the Halfling Eagle Rider.
  • Fixed the dragon animation so they correctly spawn particles when using the fire spit ability.

Text and Localization
  • Fixed a typo in the English Warp Domain description.
  • Updated to Poison Domain description to include which units are not valid targets for the spell's effect.
  • Updated the Ancient Ruins description to correctly indicate the reward for clearing this structure.
  • The Polearm ability description now - correctly - states it give a +4 damage bonus. It used to say +5 which was incorrect.
  • Fixed French typo in Cannon description
  • Fixed German Dark Pact Ability & Spell description
  • Fixed and clarified English loading screen text
  • Removed duplicate entries from the tome of wonders for the Fire Cannon and Movement Upgrade abilities.

  • AI no longer tries to dispel meditate, so it has casting points and mana left for more usefull things.
  • Tweaked Audio settings for sound effects reported to be too loud
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to zoom in during combat while the user was moving the camera, was supposed to be when the user WASN'T moving the camera
  • Fixed an issue where skills given by libraries didn't trigger the All Knowing empire quest. Library rewards will still not trigger the Sage empire quest.
  • Fixed an issue where Users could glitch the leader editor by selecting creation master, then changing to necromancer and back again.
  • Fixed issue where master specialization would not be correctly removed when removing adapt
  • Fixed an interface issues where properties would display 'Unknown Property Source!' when it could not find the source of the property. Instead of displaying the property's screen name.
  • Fixed an issue on certain Linux distributions where the checkboxes were not visible in the User Content tab of the Launcher.
  • Resolved an exploit in Diplomatic AI.
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