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Infestation: Survivor Stories

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Infestation Survivor Stories

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Trick or Treat!  October Sales Event starts NOW!
Hopefully everyone has been having a haunted or spooky Halloween season thus far and what better way to celebrate than having a GC sale starting right now!  
  • We are offering 75% BONUS GC with every purchase!  
  • If you purchase 10,000 GC, you will instead get 17,500 during this sale (+75%!)
  • Remember that this GC will also be copied during the transition to ISS Resurrection!  This means that if you bought 10,000 GC today, you will have 10,000 GC on your ISS resurrection account and your ISS Classic account!
  •  Do not worry about a wipe, the wipe will not affect GC and you'll actually get a copy of your GC on both ISS classic and ISS resurrection
Starting October 29th @ 10 AM PST ISS will be 80% discounted on Steam!
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