A letter to the community

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jakanddaxter1996 Aug 14 @ 8:38pm 
will there be a full refund because if not you guys still suck ass
DeltaTechnicolour Jun 27 @ 4:18pm 
Shit game I rather pay money to have it destroyed than to have it for free

Minecraftkid02 Jun 20 @ 7:37am 
Shit game I rather pay money to have it destroyed than to have it for free
Gozer Jun 20 @ 5:08am 
It was a scam when it launched, it is still a scam now. Hacker-infested hellhole everyone should stay far away from.
[OCJR]xX-Skarpecia-Xx Jun 20 @ 1:45am 
Gra zajebista tylko textury mozna by bylo poprawic ale cotam :)
RageBucket Jun 20 @ 12:02am 
Do not buy, do not buy, do not buy. While I was going through Boot camp and "A" school (Tech school) my account was hacked, and whilst it was comprimised was banned due to hacking. This was during a period in which I had absolutely no internet access, and was willing to give EVIDENCE I didn't have access to internet, and yet all I got back was a generic reply saying my account was found hacking.

Bad content, worse customer service. Not worth it, even if it was free.
Comatosecamel Jun 19 @ 9:26pm 
How does steam get shitty garbage like this in the first place? I'm glad I watched Totalbiscuit before clicking, buy. They could give this away for free, and I still wouldn't install it. Also, 20/100 is still to high of a rating.
Housemin Jun 19 @ 11:18am 
I bought the game when it was called War Z , Basically the whole game is a sham. The developers lie to the community so they can bolster sales and never delivered on any of the promised content. Bitch Ass Liar devs, Shit Game Play and bullshit fucking letter to the community. FUck you , and Fuck your game.
†{B}{O}{G}{Y}† Jun 19 @ 7:22am 
† Reyzno † [FR] 3. Juni um 18:25 Uhr
why the game don't have real pve server? why we have obligated to die in pve because other player come here for kill innocent for take her weapon and go back to pvp server? please, make possibility to create REAL pve server.
This is a point on which I fully share his opinion!
Selveit Jun 19 @ 4:52am 
I dont understand this game, it´s not a legendary game and they block the game to a lot of region on Europe East