Desktop Dungeons Steam Cards Now Available!

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clintercell 19 feb @ 4:37pm 
Great job! The backgrounds look fantastic! I see too many games put out steam backgrounds that I'd never want to use - happy to say that's not the case with these
BADBADNOTGOOD 13 feb @ 5:03am 
The cards look absolutely badass. Awesome!
Andrew Beeken 9 feb @ 8:38am 
Nooooo! Not cards! Just when I thought I was out... Right, somebody fetch me a tourniquet - time to tap another vein fpr DD...
Snake 9 feb @ 12:11am 
Excellent art on both cards and backgrounds, but then again, I expected no less! :D Thanks, guys!
clintercell 8 feb @ 10:23am 
Baluardo Jones 8 feb @ 5:38am 
Owl! 7 feb @ 11:35pm