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The Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition has arrived.

Now with new content and quests, new classes (that's 21 total now if you've been keeping count) and a new way to play: For the first time ever, compete against your friends (or the world at large) in the seeded Daily Dungeon.

  • Secretly despise friends for already beating you on the Daily Dungeon leaderboards.
  • Unlock a terrifying new building for your Kingdom.
  • Discover the Rat Monarch and Chemist classes... and their reasons for visiting the Kingdom.
  • Click through new quests and ignore exposition as it streams past you.
  • Gleefully and accurately sling spells from the player-requested drag-to-cast and radial menus.
  • Pages and pages of optimizations and bug fixes that are awesome but don't sound cool when we put them in lists like this one.
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