Industrial Revolution! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (ver. 0.11)

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mass1ve Jun 25 @ 7:31pm 
First, let me apologize for the delayed response. I'm afraid I can't get into any details about Mac support or optimization right now, but they have not been forgotten! As someone with a Mac for my main machine with an extremely questionable PC for backup, I know where you're coming from.
Ctrl+Alt+Llama Jun 22 @ 7:39am 
They also said optimisation was coming June.
GT Jun 21 @ 3:01pm 
Pretty sure it's been mentioned in the forum somewhere that it will happen once the release of the Windows version is through the door.
MadMike0082 Jun 20 @ 10:51am 
And again ... Any update or are you even working on a mac os release at ALL ? Ive asked this on every single update you have ever posted. Any response would be nice....... I check literally daily.