Cities in Motion 2 - European Cities

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sparkle843 Jul 1 @ 1:54am 
were are you getting this huge lie its like a virous
sparkle843 Jul 1 @ 1:51am 
yes i agree
sparkle843 Jun 22 @ 8:51am 
please b my friend
sparkle843 Jun 22 @ 8:50am 
i love to chat
cengodun Mar 17 @ 2:35am 
a lie not befitting Steam
Roopoo Mar 17 @ 1:42am 
Aww genuine double take on the 100% off was wasted.
calebgrayson Mar 17 @ 12:14am 
100% to get me to a 50% really sours me on this game..
Dandi Mar 16 @ 10:00pm 
Твари, я хотел купить игру за -1 рубыль . А вы мне комплект толкаете, вот вы суки.
pharaoh wizard Mar 16 @ 4:09pm 
If you think they're going honor it you're dumb, it's obviously an error which is why when you get the actual game page it's not there.
ihopkid Mar 16 @ 3:29pm 
wut the hell happened to the 100% off? sorry but u should really honor urr listed prices...