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- Added new highlights.
- Several crash to desktop fixes.
- Fixed occasional crash on game boot.
- Crash fix when returning to the team shop.
- Valve Anti-Cheat turned on.
- Fixed estimated laps of fuel occasionally being wrong under caution.
- Fixed taking screenshots resulting in a soft lock.
- Taking screenshots in photo mode no longer shows the details dialogue twice.
- Improvements to rear view mirror.
- Mouse input correct when running full screen.
- Cautions now show more footage from the start of the incident.
- Fixed highlights and Head to Head events.
- Re-balanced highlights.
- When applying a setup, the interface defaults to the currently applied set up.
- Laps lead is displayed on the results screen.
- Skill rating now displays correctly on the results screen.
- Reduced full lap amount on Phoenix.
- Moving or resizing the window no longer stalls the game.


- Improved tyre damage model.
- Improved damage area calculation.
- Overall damage system re-balanced.

Artificial Intelligence

- AI will now DNF.
- Improvements to AI tire wear on all tracks.
- AI practice and Qualifying times improved.
- AI improvements across all tracks.
- Improved AI cornering on road courses.
- AI balancing on all tracks.
- AI improvements on pit entry and exit on most tracks, better entry and exit awareness.
- AI overtaking fixes, more movement should be seen in pack racing, cars detect and pass those that are pitting and can trigger a faster overtake mid corner where necessary.
- Fix for the entire AI field pitting on tracks using high fuel or tire wear rates with back to back cautions.
- Improvements to AI lap times with reduced brake checking in Turns.


- Added No Collision races.
- Fixed crash when the host left the race.
- Fixed track detail card in the lobby not always showing correct data when first entering.
- Improvements to sync on pace lap under caution when online.
- Steam server list support.
- Fixed opponent drivers using the wrong suits in multiplayer.
- Fix for ghosting occurring incorrectly on pace lap under caution when online.
- Display a message in the lobby interface when synchronising is occurring.
- General improvements to car motions on the track & racing at a close distance.
- Vote to Ghost in multiplayer games, excluding private.
- Fixed issues with host migration.
- Fixed DNF's appearing at the top of the results table.
- Invites can be accepted when in single player game.
- Fixed lap amounts on Atlanta Night, Charlotte Day, Darlington Day, Kentucky Day and Richmond Day.
- Improvements to single file cautions in mulitplayer.
- Improved rolling starts in multiplayer


- Fixed occasional strange button names when using multiple devices.
- Steering sensitivity working as expected, may need user to change to get preferred feel.
- Fixed force feedback issues when using multiple devices.
- Added steering linearity option for all controller types.
- ECCI wheel support.
- Added clutch deadzone settings.

Paint Shop

- Fixed missing layer images in the paint shop.
- Hang changing focus while in paint shop fixed.
- Camera controls correct after saving in paint shop.
- Ctrl+S will quick save the paint scheme you are currently editing in the paint shop.
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