Online Deathmatch and Co-Op Mode Update

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xЖ҉EIKMAGЖ҉x Apr 4 @ 2:31pm 
mustard tiger Feb 28 @ 12:27pm 
don't understand how peeps are having lag.. are you still using 56k? lol
been playing fine with my friends since the update has been released with no problems whatsoever. learn to use your computers rofl
Marko Feb 25 @ 9:32am 
[R3PR]Negative Infinity Feb 15 @ 3:26pm 
So no fix on the mass crashes yet?

Seathan Feb 14 @ 8:59am 
I want those 3d models and alternate fire modes !
Kako^ Feb 12 @ 10:40am 
DnLxELITE - Just the base game + atomic edition maps at the moment. The expansions were available for coop play at one point, but were removed as they were pretty broken I think. AFAIK they are being worked on at the moment.
DnLxELITE Feb 11 @ 4:08pm 
Does the online coop work with all the expansions or just the base game?
This was insanely laggy on Xbox360 as well, good co-op though!!!!!!!!!
~Enstinck~ Feb 10 @ 12:18pm 
Here's the only problems i have with multiplayer so far! there is lag, I can't use the steam community In-game! or screenshots can't be taken (F12) sometimes "Time outs" will happen out of no where, I just hope they resolve these issues soon
solar Feb 10 @ 9:23am 
yeah, please fix the LAG and add multiplayer to the other games (DC, Atomic Winter, LIAB, ect) PLEASE!! :)