Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

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unkleventrikel Sep 10, 2014 @ 8:52am 
What a sadistic game. This is first time Player 2 gets to bury Player 1, and continue finishing the game. Lol!!!
Numbers Aug 2, 2014 @ 4:40pm 
Epic Game, Beautiful Graphics, Heart felt Story, great soundtrack & Vocals.
Brilliant just Brilliant
threegeeks Jul 27, 2014 @ 5:49pm 
Great game and a touching story. The puzzles are just right - as the poster below stated. Recommended - especially at that price.
MorningGhost Jul 21, 2014 @ 6:29pm 
Nicely put together 3rd person, linear puzzle game. I enjoyed it and for me was just the right length which I completed in two evenings. I used an XBox controller to play which worked well to control the two brothers. Difficult using a keyboard. Nice animation, only came acros one glitch where one brother got stuck. Spacial puzzles solved by coordinating the two brothers actions are at just the right difficulty level. Music adds to the atmosphere and graphics particuarly the backgrounds are beautifully drawn. The price I paid on a Steam sale was definately worth it. Recommended.
iggipop Jul 13, 2014 @ 6:53am 
schönes spiel mit gänseade haut momenten. die steuerung macht echt laune. schade das es so schnell vorbei war.
Rayziel Jul 7, 2014 @ 5:49am 
Made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pandish kingen Jul 2, 2014 @ 6:21pm 
loved it GREAT story loved the control system its a game you should buy! :D
BooBees Jun 28, 2014 @ 4:38am 
Great Game, great Story, heartbreaking ending. n1!
A little bit short, but thats all... buy!
Guiltyspark217 Jun 27, 2014 @ 11:26pm 
A very unique control system. Once you get a feel for it, the game becomes very addicting.
Levinthal Jun 27, 2014 @ 10:40pm