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Celebrate with your squad of Ark Hunters this Armistice with special events running from March 19 - April 9

Armistice will feature 4 events simultaneously this year and new Pursuits to achieve! Thanks to the community for voting, Defiance will run Neo Votanis Freebooters, Hulker Hell, New Frontier Harvest, and Outbreak events from March 19 to April 9. Earn Purified Gulanite on all Arkfall drops over this Armistice. That's not all! Get free 7 day Patron for logging in once between April 2 to 9.

Events - Neo Votanis Freebooters, Hulker Hell, New Frontier Harvest, Outbreak
Hulker Hell
  • Hulker Hell Majors and Minors will be occurring all across Paradise
Neo Votanis Freebooters
  • Arkfalls across Neo Votanis Front and Shrill
New Frontier Harvest
  • Traverse the post-apocalyptic wilderness and fight maniacal monstrosities
  • Defeat diseased defilers and hulkers across the infected New Frontier
New Pursuits
Expedition Specialist (5 EGO/Achievement points)
  • Complete 15 Expeditions above Tier 25 during Armistice
Event Expert (5 EGO/Achievement points)
  • Complete 25 Major Arkfalls, Sieges, or Incursions during Armistice
Faction Guru (5 EGO/Achievement points)
  • Complete 20 Contracts during Armistice
Armistice Completionist (40 EGO/Achievement points)
  • Complete all Armistice Pursuits
Free 7 Day Patron - Log in between April 2 to 9
Celebrate Armistice with free 7 day Patron time by logging in once between April 2 - 9. Patron provides extra boosts to enhance your Defiance experience. Get your hunt on Ark Hunter!

Complete Pursuits in Defiance and earn rewards in Defiance 2050 through the Valor Program! Learn more in the Valor article[] and sign up for Defiance 2050 Beta[].
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