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Expand your arsenal with new Ark Hunter Bundles built to thrill no matter how long you’ve played!

You can buy each bundle now on the Defiance Steam page and redeem them for massive savings on new vehicles, weapons, and more.

Adapted Ark Hunter Bundle – $4.99 ($20 value)
Just getting started? Choose an Adapted Bundle to unleash the power of 10 new Epic Adapted Weapons – one of each type in Defiance! With 3 days of Patron time, 15 Inventory Slots, and a new in-game title, this bundle is a STEAL for new and returning players.

Evolved Ark Hunter Bundle – $19.99 ($70 value)
Nuzzle the muzzles of the same epic new weapons, plus a Legendary Tachmag Pulser SMG, special Duni Shetarru vehicle, and more. Once you evolve, there’s no going back!

  • Adapted Weapon Box (10 Epic Weapons!)
  • 15-Day Patron Pass
  • Unique Title: Evolved Ark Hunter
  • 35 Inventory Slots
  • Duni Shetarru Racer: Unique tinted Duni Vehicle
  • 1 Pack Rat Boost
  • 5 XP+ 50% Boosts
  • 250 Arkforge
  • +1 Loadout Slot
  • Legendary SMG: Evolved Tachmag Pulser
Apex Ark Hunter Bundle – $99.99 ($220 value)
Do your implants twitch in the presence of arktech? Does a Jackpot Big Boomer make you weak in the knees? Stalk the New Frontier at the peak of your game with this legendary ark-full of loot.

  • Adapted Weapon Box (10 Epic Weapons!)
  • 60-Day Patron Pass
  • 50 Inventory Slots
  • 1 Pack Rat Boost
  • 5 XP+ 50% Boosts
  • +1 Loadout Slot
  • 2000 Arkforge
  • Unique Title: Apex Ark Hunter
  • Velociraptor Vehicle: Unique Raptor with Improved Speed and Control
  • Ark Infiltrator Outfit
  • Legendary Jackpot Weapon: “Apex Sludge Hammer” Big Boomer with Biological Nano
Learn more on the Steam page!
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