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Join the Battle now through August 15th against 99ers, Scrappers and Darkmatter, and pick up the new Ion Coil Synergy and Electrified Pack to help you in the fight!

The power is too much to handle in Rolling Blackout, the newest event in Defiance. All sorts of shocking enemies will be present, do you have the juice to beat them? Pierce the enemies shields and take them down! Drops during this event have a special manufacturer bonus; 10% additional shield damage and chance to proc your nanos.

Ion Coil Synergy
Unshielded enemies are a breeze with the Ion Coil Synergy; its powerful bonuses will blast through the opposition while the special jackpot drops bring an added burst of firepower.

Synergy: Ion Coil
[1] -15% Reload
[2] +8% Max Shield Capacity
[3] +10% Crit Mult
[4] On enemy shield break, increased damage by 20% for 5s

Jackpots include the Neutron Caster (Sentry Rifle), Mass Driver (BA Repeater), Circuitbreaker (Nomad SMG), Flux Inverter (Scattergun), Discharge Amplifier (Slugger), Polarity Diode (Magnum), and Volt Relay(LM-43 Thunder).

Electrified Pack
Our newest pack is shockingly good! Roll around the New Frontier in your RM Nomad V6 “Shocker” and take down your target with a Legendary Ion Afflictor. As an added bonus, parasites spawned with the Afflictor will give a surprising jolt of damage as their electric assault continues after the firing is done!

The Electrified Pack contains:
  • Legendary Ion Afflictor (Spawns electrified parasites whenever a target has been hit five times),
  • E-Rep Heavy Trooper outfit and headgear
  • RM Nomad V6 "Shocker" vehicle
  • 30-day Patron Pass
  • "Electrified" Title

So keep the power flowing, and put your foes lights out with the brand new Rolling Blackout event, Ion Coil synergy, and Electrified Pack!
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