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Ark hunters,

Defiance Free-to-Play has now arrived on Steam! Announced in May[], this transition means that new recruits can pick up the game free. Our veteran wasteland warriors who purchased Defiance before June 4 will also enjoy the following benefits over standard free-to-play accounts:
  • 30-Day Paradise Patron Pass
  • 1000 Arkforge, used to refine and upgrade weapons.
  • Exclusive In-Game Title: Old School
  • Character Slots: 4
  • Loadouts: 5
  • Ark Keycode Maximum: 75
  • Starting Inventory Size: 70
Be sure to check out our NSFW Defiance Free-to-Play launch trailer, then read up on the new Gulanee arkfalls[], the game's latest crossover content with Season 2 of the Syfy series! The development team is also preparing to release Defiance's first landmass expansion by adding the Silicon Valley region[] to the map.

See you in Paradise and good hunting!
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