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Update - We're back online, folks! Thanks!

Hey all,

We're coming offline to roll out the Colony Courtship Patch at 11AM PST (7PM GMT) on Monday.Patch notes found below.

Our expected downtime is approximately 2 hours. If we need more time, or come back online early, we'll update you here.



Colony Courtship is back, and love is in the air! Hellbugs are everywhere, tearing Paradise apart. Take to the fight and slay every Hellbug you see, including the infamous Matron!

Finish the daily and weekly contracts to get your weekly reward. The reward will contain a guaranteed Legendary EVO weapon and an epic mod with the chance to be legendary (chance at a jackpot weapon).

A new pursuit has been added called "Cull the Swarm". Complete this pursuit during the Colony Courtship event to receive a special reward: epic jackpot weapon "Parasite" (Fragger) and the title "Mutated".


The Mutagenic Gestation Supply Crate is now available on the Defiance store until March 6th! A brand new synergy has been added, which will drop from the supply crates and the Colony Courtship event arkfalls:

Mutagenic Gestation
[1] Being hit by an opponent increases your movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] +20% Mag
[3] +10% Life and Shield Steal
[4] On hit, +20% damage and rate of fire for 5s. *Also triggers a random hellbug nano chain eruption (Cooldown: 10s)

Included weapon types: Blast Rifle, Blaster, Tachmag Pulser, Chango Fragger, Mazu Disruptor, Canker, and Blast Bolter (NEW triple shot charge sniper rifle)

Chance at one of 7 all new jackpots. These Jackpot weapons will have BRAND NEW SKIN TEXTURES. Harness the power of a Hellbug, with these new Hellbug based skins. Each skin EVOLVES, and changes color based on which nano it has! Converter mods will alter the color of each weapon:

ALL EVO manufactured weapons (dropping from both the event and lock boxes) will have an additional effect: +5% damage reduction! This is in addition to the synergy and bonuses.


B-Squad Pack:
  • RM Renegade "B-Squad" Van
  • Epic EVO Nano Fragger with Mutagenic Gestation synergy
  • Bubblegum Killer outfit
  • “B-Squad” Title

  • The Bio nano effect in PvP has been adjusted. When any player receives a Bio nano effect from another player, they will be immune to further Bio effects for 15 seconds. This does not apply to Bio grenades.
  • The 4 set for the Sustained Suppression synergy has been changed. It now reads: [4] +8% damage and fire rate. This change is retroactive.
  • The damage of the VOT bolter weapon type has been updated to match other sniper rifle types
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