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Hellbug love is in the air and a special synergy has arrived for the Colony Courtship event. The Flames of Passion Synergy may sound sweet, but your enemies will find the scorching effects to be anything but!

[1] Being hit by an opponent increases your movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] +15% Nano-effect chance
[3] +10% Damage and Bug Damage
[4] Sets target on fire when hit, causing additional fire damage for 3 seconds. While on fire, target takes increased health damage. The fire may spread to nearby enemies when the target dies. (Cooldown: 6s)

Found only in the Flames of Passion Supply Crate, this hot new mod synergy absolutely radiates with power. With mods attached, you can add on speed, nano-effect chance, a damaging love-bug bite, and FIRE. That’s right, your adversaries could face spontaneous combustion at your hands in Defiance. Learn more about synergies here[].

Each weapon included is designed to blast colorful hearts, while non-projectile weapons will leave traces of pink as you fire with fury. We have equally sweet Jackpot weapons for this sweet synergy!
  • Stalker (Blast Hatcher)
  • Secret Admirer (Brood Lobber)
  • Fatal Attraction (Brood Launcher)
  • Until Death (Blast Rifle)
  • Sweet Nothings (Tachmag Pulser)
  • Predator (INF-27 Immunizer)
  • Black Heart (LM-43 Thunder)

Be pretty and powerful with pink this February while supplies last. Share the love and stock up in the Bit Store today!
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