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Prepare yourself, ark hunters: Supreme Tier weapons have arrived in time to combat dangerous new parasitic lifeforms appearing throughout the Bay! Supreme weapons boast an innate damage boost plus new rarity bonuses and masteries, and they launch alongside a new reroll system you can use to adjust one rarity bonus per weapon.

After scooping up Supreme weapons in high-tier Expeditions (or through Salvage Matrix upgrades), you can put them to use in new private instances by opening your very own Major arkbreaks. Want to keep other ark hunters from joining your Warmaster instance? No problem! You can invite friends and clanmates to your party (and show everyone else to the airlock).

For an in-depth look at Supreme Weapons and Rarity Tier Bonus Rerolls, jump to our Supreme Update preview[] – and enjoy the brand-new tier!

Happy hunting,
The Defiance Team
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