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Launching off of the success of Order and Chaos, Von Bach Industries is proud to present the RA-44 Hellcat. Aptly named and recently acquired, the RA-44 Hellcat is the first Alien Guided Rocket Launcher of its kind. Reminiscent of the alien technology that made the Chimera Horn possible, this innovation is the latest jackpot weapon available from the Premium Elite Lock Box and Elite Lock Box. With the ability to lock in on targets with the right aim, this heavy hitter will have your enemies running for the hills.

Due to limited manufacturing facilities in the Bay Area, Von Bach Industries is restricting supply of this legendary weapon to Premium Elite Lock Boxes sold from the Defiance Store or lock box vendors throughout the Bay. The RA-44 Hellcat will only be available for a limited time, so pick up Premium Elite Lock Boxes or Elite Lock Boxes for a this chance at raising hell!

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