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Ark hunters,

A stockpile of seasonal destruction has been discovered in Paradise! In light of this discovery, The Purge Synergy is making a comeback in Defiance for a limited time. Crafted with care, each Premium Blackened Hellfire Supply Crate contains 1 epic or better random Blackened Hellfire weapon and 3 random mods manufactured with The Purge Synergy. As an added bonus, each crate now has an increased chance at Legendary tier weapons and mods on par with our updated Synergy Crates.

Synergy: The Purge
  • +2% Crit Multiplier
  • +4% Crit Multiplier
  • +5% Nano-effect chance on a critical hit
  • +10% Life Steal
Blackened Hellfire Weapons:

Blackened Hellfire Assault Rifle, Blackened Hellfire Blaster, Blackened Hellfire Fragger, Blackened Hellfire Quick Repeater, Blackened Hellfire SAW, Blackened Hellfire Tachmag Pulser.

Ghost Duster Mk2, Wolfman Mk2, Demon Hunter Mk2, The Devils Advocate Mk2, Beelzebub Mk2, Witch Hexer Mk2

This limited-time Premium Synergy crate will be available in the Defiance Store until October 6, so stock up now while supplies last!

Happy hunting,
The Defiance Team
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