Gnomoria v0.9.5.1 released

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Zenon Jan 25 @ 2:19pm 
I'm having problems with sending merchants in 9.5.1 created worlds 9.4 worlds work fine.
Argbrontsterop Jan 21 @ 5:50am 
Merchants comes in winter now but only one at a time. Before 0.9.5 I had 5-6 merchants at a time. Still have lags anf freezes, fps around 2-5, great game but could that be fixed?
Kaidelong Jan 19 @ 2:56pm 
Able to reproduce the crash to desktop when sending a gnome off to trade with another kingdom.
j.f.b.lennon Jan 17 @ 12:19am 
created the game at 94 and merchants are working in all seasons,
while rearranging workshops i had to save and quit, after loading the deconstructed parts where missing
BuBiBo Jan 16 @ 6:37am 
Still no merchants arriving could it be because i created the game at 0.95 ? :(
ranzhans Jan 16 @ 1:21am 
Awesome, thank you!
duratta_ss Jan 15 @ 11:50pm 
Year 10, 12th Day of Winter. Merchant arrives at 02:26. Alas, he did not bring champagne.

Thanks for quick fix!
Mufasa Jan 15 @ 8:15pm 
Oh thank you so much... I was puzzled as to why no merchants ever came to my kingdom. STAY AWESOME!
TheDarbius Jan 15 @ 7:23pm 
Having an issue sending a merchant to another city for trade. Results in a CTD.
cameront72 Jan 15 @ 6:01pm 
This is why I will never bother complaining about a bug on this game, because I know you guys always fix them so quickly. You guys ROCK.