Gnomoria v0.9.7 released

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Corvus Corax 2014年3月8日上午10:44 
Getting the game today already watched 3 days worth of vids on it :)
Tashi 2014年2月16日下午10:18 
Awesome :) I love this game already and it just keeps getting better. Now all I could ask for are some more decorative items, maybe. But it's already pretty sweet as it is. I still need to learn to cope with the isometric view, though, sometimes I get lost when mining down into the deeps :D
Grognard_87 2014年2月16日下午2:13 
Well as it's so close, you might as well buy it now and wait for it to be finished, but also I'd suggest you look at War of the Overlord, which is technically Dungeon Keeper 3, but not in name due to it being owned by EA and it's here on Early Access. Still in early beta, but it is being done with Peter Molonxue (or however you spell it, guy who made the fable series) and even has the same narrator from DK2, too.

This game is a hell of a lot of fun. So far I have 160 hours of gameplay on it.
raixel 2014年2月16日下午12:28 
I really like this game, purchased it day of release to support it, even though I dont play or like E A games. Been following the changelogs and it looks like I should start playing soon. Ive waited for years for a game like this (IE Management sim with a decent UI), and it makes me really happy to see how committed the devs are to the community and the project.
j.f.b.lennon 2014年2月15日上午2:44 
the game crashes when you try to build an axle on a tile with a wrench on it, checked it only with copper
hunco 2014年2月14日上午11:02 
Robobob for prez 2016!
sondreg 2014年2月14日上午7:29 
Some more items/materials/furniture/advanced farming/animals/enemies would be awesome. I think the core mechanics work fine but would be pretty cool if the gnomes had a personality and were a bit more animated. They just shuffle around now really. I do enjoy the old skool battle texts.
joe_olinger 2014年2月13日下午2:15 
add ladders i cant use stairs to build monuments do this plz

k_keegan 2014年2月12日下午10:31 
Tracked stock items!!!! Yay!
Be Preying 2014年2月12日下午1:50 
Oh man, I love this game. The frequent updates are appreciated even though it's perfectly playable as it. Thank you.