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meltdown Aug 7 @ 3:50pm 
Are tthe devs still working on this? No updates/news for quite awhile.
meltdown Aug 3 @ 6:17am 
WTF! This one going to be a gem!
Chris The Beast Aug 2 @ 9:47pm 
how come this game has been taken off steam?? you cant buy it now
Perry the Platypus Aug 2 @ 9:19am 
Not quite sure what people expect to gain from the game being "released" when the developers think it isn't ready... I know of games with 10-12 year development cycles that are doing just fine... Nothing wrong with fixing the bugs first either and making sure the foundation is firm before adding content.

That said... I have to agree with others that this project has been abandoned by the developer. Maybe not forever but he has definately taken a break from it. It's no great mystery why, the community got very critical and toxic for little to no reason (besides the obvious toxicity being faceless on the internet with little fear of a face punch brings).

I wish the dev all the best and hope he returns to polish this up. It is already a fun game at it's current state and I would still advice picking it up on sale. Just don't expect it to grow anymore.
MVM1787 Jul 29 @ 8:29am 
This game is never gonna get released, its been on Early Access for 4-5 years, and never shown any major content release on patches in any field of the game. They just sit on there asses and claim we just want to make sure we fine point the game and make sure there is no bugs. BULL FUCKING SHIT YOUR JUST STALLING AND HOPING YOU CAN GET OUR FUCKING MONEY. JUST RELEASE THE FUCKING GAME ITS BEEN ALREADY FINE POINT AND READY FOR RELEASE YEARS AGO YOU IDIOTS.
jesuschrist Jul 25 @ 11:13am 
devs, focus on sandbox mode, forget the campaign!
Inucan Jul 15 @ 11:30am 
nice but i hope they soon concentrate on sandbox mode more i like the game alot so hope its gets done its was not a cheap early accses game so
Fygment Jul 14 @ 9:06am 
Don't buy it, it's abandoned
Where can I buy this game?
TheLadyHades Jul 7 @ 5:59pm 
Dear devs,

Whenever you decide to continue working on this game that a lot of people payed for, could you please focus on Sandbox mode? It's the only gamemode I play and it's limitations cause me to get bored with it quickly and move on to Banished.